Dr. Joshua Ignatius

Honors, Awards & Grants

2007 – 2009 Research University Grant: “Extent of Knowledge Sharing among Academicians:

Modeling the Anti-Thesis of Sharing” (co-PI with T. Ramayah and J.A.L. Yeap), RM 117,312

2007 – 2009 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme: “Online Recommendation System: The
Potential and Possibilities of Word-of-Mouth on the Internet (co-PI with T. Ramayah and J.A.L. Yeap), RM 35, 000

2009-2010 Incentive Grant: “A 5-year Strategic Plan for the Operations Research Department of
Universiti Sains Malaysia”, RM 5,000

2010-2012 USM Short term grant: Measuring the momentum and dissonance of cooperation
among ports: A game theoretic model, RM 40,000

2010-2012 USM Short term grant: A Novel Hybrid Model for Supplier Selection, RM 40,000 (co-PI
with Mustafa, A.)

2010 Endeavour Executive Award by the Australian Government (A$35,342)

2010 Malaysian ORMS Society (Best PhD Thesis Award)

2010 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme: “A Fundamental Study Into Entrepreneurial in
Malaysia:Structural Equation Modeling Approach” (with UiTM researchers), RM40,000

2011 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme: “Supply Chain Complexity: Antecedents and
Consequences” (with UiTM researchers), RM40,000

2011 USM’s Sanggar Sanjung Award for 2 ISI publications

2011-2012 POSCO TJ Park Foundation, South Korean Grant, US 15,000

2011-2012 Delivering Excellence APEX Grant: “National Risk Assessment”, RM 505,150

2011-2012 Research University Grant, “Modeling A Sustainable Supply Chain Via A Novel
Multistage DEA Network Design” RM 246,245.64

2012 USM’s Sanggar Sanjung Award for 2 ISI publications

2012 Anugerah Pengajar Cemerlang, School of Mathematical Sciences USM.

2013 USM’s Sanggar Sanjung Award for 3 ISI publications

2013-2015 Research University Grant, “A Multiobjective DEA with GA for Optimizing the Accuracy
of Performance Measurement” RM 129,030

2013-2015 Fundamental Research Grant Scheme: “Designing optimal routing solutions for
logistic operations, RM 117, 000