Dr. Joshua Ignatius


I receive many emails regarding potential supervision at the master and PhD level.

Below are some issues you need to note before emailing me:

1. State clearly your background. I need to know your skill sets, which include relevant analytical and programming skills. Just stating your CGPA and which university that you have graduated from is not sufficient.

2. Although I’m in the math department, it doesn’t mean that your first degree has to be math for me to be your supervisor. I’m open to talents from other disciplines. After all, operations research is known by other names such as Decision Sciences, Management Science, Industrial Engineering, etc – and to paraphrase Shakespeare, they smell just as sweet.

2. If you have any publications, please forward them to me.

3. You need to submit a 2-page proposal detailing your interest, the problem statement (outlining the research gaps), research objectives and significance of the study. I won’t reply to those who plagiarized their 2-page proposal. It is based from my experience that those who cannot write in a clear and concise manner tend to submit a thick bound work of mostly junk.  

4. I do not fund students at the outset unless they are exceptionally good. This means that you can solve either my industrial problems and/or you have a good publication track record. 

5. Do not ask me for a research topic. Make up your own mind. It is your own research! I will only consider being your supervisor if I can complement your research. To know my skill sets, check out my publication page.

6. I generally do not accept part time students. They tend to “disappear” citing work commitments. Also, part time students tend to use their work context as their research to save time. But, they usually cannot get clearance from their employers to publish their work. So, bear in mind that I will not be signing any non-disclosure agreements for such cases. I will only sign non-disclosure agreements provided it is a consultancy project.